“Gender identity” — Children sacrificed on an altar of male sexual perversion


Gender identity

These days we often see news stories or blogs about “transgender children.” Isn’t this proof that “gender identity” is real, and biological in nature?

Nope. There is no such thing as a “transgender child.” “Gender identity” is a completely fake and bogus idea, invented by male sexual fetishists who have thrown normal life away, and often destroyed their families, in order to pursue their strange addiction. The narcissistic parents who pimp out their children as “transgender” may have a sort of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Maybe they’re just not very smart, or maybe they’ve just been railroaded by the transgender industry’s “experts.”  Because the male trannies are so passionately delusional as well as well-connected in media, government and academia, they have successfully promoted “gender identity” in academia and clinical practice as if it really existed. The pharmaceutical industry has been glad to support this lie.

There is nothing going on in the brain or anywhere else that would make a male child want to replicate stereotypes of “femininity” (e.g. liking the color pink, wishing to wear dresses, wanting to play with dolls, etc.), or a girl replicate stereotyped “masculinity.” Children sometimes don’t conform to sex role stereotypes. Little girls may want to have short hair, build tree-forts, play football and hang out with the boys. It doesn’t mean these girls are actually boys. Little boys may want to have long hair, try on sister’s clothes, play with dolls, hang out with the girls. It doesn’t mean these boys are actually girls. Children have their own individual personalities.

Nowadays, however, out of stupidity, greed or both, many parents are jumping on the transgenderite bandwagon and coercively transsexualizing these kids.

These children who don’t comply with sex role stereotypes and are being pushed into medicalized transgenderism by their parents and crooked doctors are really being sacrificed on an altar of male transgenderist sexual perversion.


Gender identity

This will bring them a lifetime under medical surveillance, coping with lifelong recovery from drastic surgeries, remaining at high risk of cardiovascular and other health problems due to “hormone” treatment.

Before “gender identity,” nearly all children who didn’t comply with sex role stereotypes simply grew out of desiring to be or insisting they were the opposite sex. Nowadays, almost none of them do — they are fast-tracked for medical transsexualism.

The reality is that the vast majority of cocks in frocks  (including Bruce Jenner and around 90% of other men in dresses) are what we used to call transvestites — they get sexually turned on from the fantasy of “being a woman.” They dress-up and pretend to be women (or daydream about doing so), or watch pornography about transgenderism, and then they masturbate. It is a sexual fetish that takes over their lives. It becomes a narcissistic addiction, after years of ritualistic and highly-charged sexualized cross-dressing. Even if estrogen has reduced their sex drive somewhat, which is very debatable, their keen narcissistic desire for “validation” (e.g. through being “accepted” in women’s restrooms) keeps them very hopped up and excited. If normal people do not comply with their insistence on “the right pronouns,” or with being fully “accepted” in women’s private spaces, they are likely to fly into a towering tizzy of transgender narcissistic rage.

Researchers call this condition “autogynephilia,” and because a lifestyle based on masturbation fantasies is embarrassing the men are deadly afraid for this to become known. Indeed, it is practically forbidden to even mention autogynephilia, and although a rare few are honest enough to admit it, nearly all of the female impersonators will deny it until the cows come home.

For this reason, the male trannies have invented the notion of an innate “gender identity.” They retroactively invent or exaggerate incidents from their own childhoods that would suggest a “female gender identity.” It is extremely important to organized transgenderism for the masses of people to believe that “gender identity” is something that children are born with.

(Women who take medical measures to become fake “men” and who insist they are men have a completely different situation from the men who pretend to be “women.” In our culture, females are taught almost from infancy that their bodies are highly problematic. Women who try to be men are dealing with internalized misogyny and often internalized homophobia. GenderTrender has some excellent articles concerning these “FTM” women. The mens’ “gender identity”  lie has hooked some women into it, particularly young women.)

A female impersonator called “Autumn” Sandeen has admitted that if children can be seen to have opposite sex “gender identity,” it “takes the sex out of the equation” in regard to the male trannies.  If the world believes in “gender identity,” these men reckon, they won’t ever have to admit the embarrassing truth about why they chose to become trannies.

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6 thoughts on ““Gender identity” — Children sacrificed on an altar of male sexual perversion

  1. You need to get in to the real world and stop being so deluded. Trans people are real and no matter how hard you try you will not wish us out of existence. Being trans is not a fetish it is a genuine medical condition and people who are trans refuse to be bullied by those who lack the empathy or compassion to understand what it is a very complex issue.


    • Yes, you’re real… you’re a real male human being. Not a female human being. Not a woman.

      And it’s not complex. You get an erotic charge when you imagine yourself as a “woman.”

      Enjoy your autogynephilia, but stop putting children on a fast track to the horrific tranny train. And stay out of women’s rest-rooms and other such spaces. Please.


      • Excuse me but being a Trans Woman has nothing to do with erotic charges I don’t get erotic charges and never have its about gender identity and yes I have known since primary school years how I felt and I did everything I could to repress that identity but eventually I had to be me and express my real identity. As for your ridiculous comment about putting children on the fast track to the tranny train I would find this insulting if it weren’t so ludicrous. As far as I’m concerned children should be allowed to grow up and find their own way in the world with the support of a loving family in which they are allowed to express themselves in which ever way they please and be given every opportunity to develop their full potential


      • Yes, exactly: “… children should be allowed to grow up and find their own way in the world with the support of a loving family in which they are allowed to express themselves in which ever way they please and be given every opportunity to develop their full potential .”

        Yes, of course, but that’s not happening at all. Instead, they “express themselves in whichever way they please” and if it’s “femininity” in boys or “masculinity” in girls, these kids are given drugs to block puberty (which also serves to sterilize them), quickly followed by hormone drugs. By 14-16, drastic surgeries.

        Before this insanity, nearly all children who didn’t conform to sex role stereotypes simply grew out of it after a while. Most became normal gay men and women. Nowadays, ALL such kids continue into transsexualism.

        Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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